Stuff I Take

Generally I'm not a supplement-guy, its not like I don't believe in them its just I didn't feel like I really need that much of them based on economic concern and my ex-goal, which was not to step on the stage. Before the contest prep started all I took was just some basic stuff - whey protein, BCAA, creatine, vitamin pills, fish oil pills. Nothing special for a natty guy. Matter of fact I was still be able to make some gains during the past two years. But when it comes to contest prepartion, it gets real tricky to get rid of pretty much all the fat and water in your body and still keep huge amount of muscle the same time. Hence I need a little bit extra kick to help me achieve that.

Random pills image

Acetyl L-Carnitine - helps the body to convert stored fat to energy, a.k.a fat burner. I take it as pre-workout before cardio or weight lifting.

BCAA - use it to decrease the rate of breakdown and utilisation of other amino acids. I take it during the day.

Carbohydrate combination - use it to drive protein into my muscle for post workout recovery. I take it in post-workout.

Creatine Monohydrate - use it to pump up muscle and helps for muscle recovery. I take it as pre-workout or post.

Coconut oil - I use it to cook my meals, it helps to burn fat and boost metabolism.

Dextrose - just another type of carbs I use. I use it in my intro-workout.

EAA - free form amino acids, able to be absorbed extremely rapidly by the body, helps for recovery. I use it in intro-workout.

Fish oil - just for overall health and wellness whether to build muscle or burn fat. I take it during the day.

Glutamine - after intense training, glutamine levels are heavily depleted in the body. By supplementing with glutamine, recovery can be enhanced. Also helps anti-catabolic when dieting. I take it in the morning and post-workout.

Green superfood - just helps me achieve daily servings of fruits and vegetables. I take it during the day.

Hydrolysed whey protein isolates - known as rapidly absorbed, good for muscle growth and recovery. I don't even concern whey protein as a supplement actually, alone with green superfood and vegan protein I take. They are more like alternative daily meal to me. I take it in post-workout.

Himalayan salt - no preservatives or additives, use to help detoxify the body in the form of a brine treatment. I use it to cook and in my intro-workout.

Psyllium husk powder - a convenient way to help me increase fiber intake, essential to the promotion of digestive regularity. I take it before I go to bed.

"Bodybuilding is a science."

I'm not in the fitness business, not trying to sell anything here. Just wanna give you guys a brief list of the staff I take at the moment if you happen to give a fu*k. I'm not gonna recommend any supplement brand here since obviously I am not sponsored by any of them, and no guide of how or when to take them in this post, at least not until I finish the show on Sep 28th 2014.


Wish me luck!