Shanghai, Shanghai

Had a very shot stay in Shanghai last July about couple weeks. Yea i know its been awhile since then. I was super laggy of finishing my blog draft from where I leftover at the first place...



After an 11 hour flight from Sydney in the 16th, I landed in Shanghai Pudong around 7:15pm the same day. The last time I was in Shanghai was almost 2 years ago. And it was a really short stay for only 3 days, to attend my cousin's wedding.

Two years is not that long I believe, but somehow the city has already became a strange place to me. Everywhere seems so unfamiliar even tho I'm pretty sure its the city where I was born and raised. Another thing is I don't have much old connection left, I'm not really a people person I found its extremely hard to stay in touch with my childhood school mates. So I felt like a tourist with no tour guide after I landed.


So my solution is - just making new friends. I quickly signed up for a 2 weeks gym membership the next day I arrived in Shanghai, for only 100 Chinese yuan. Pretty cheap price I would say compare to a normal long-term one over there, since they don't offer any "casual visit" option. And then hooked up with bunch of gym rats, since my physique is quite spot on so it was not a challenge even to a "not people person".


I receiced a very warm welcome from them. It was fun to workout in a new gym and meet lots different fitness lovers. The gym is called "Tera Wellness Club", not as good as or as capable as I expected but still a good gym.

It was suppose to be a casual holiday where I can enjoy my time with family/ friends, eating traditional local food and go night out. At least I planned it to be when I booked the flight ticket one month ago before the trip. Unfortunately, someone (my coach) told me I should try go compete in September, then I was like

"WTH, yeah lets do it!"

Since its like making a serious commitment to bodybuilding, which has been my top hobby in the past two years. But it means I need to start dieting, and enjoyable dirty food were gone. I needed to find some fresh clean healthy and stupid chicken breasts salad.

Element Fresh

After a bit of hunting I found a Café called Element Fresh which is not so far from my gym. While the food was alright, clean and customisable, even it ended up to ¥70 RMB for just a bottle of sparkling water. I wouldn't say it was a mistake.

I had a homie come to Shanghai to visit me one day, we opted for a shopping day which is always a treat in Shanghai.

Abercrombie & Fitch

I honestly don't like Abercrombie & Fitch at all...

I wouldn't say shanghai is a heaven for shopping even tho you can find pretty much any brand in there. But the price is just crazy. We went to checked a few brands that I always fancy such as Saint Laurent, Giuseppe Zanotti, Balmain, Christian Louboutins, Tom Ford and Tod's. Their price are much much higher than in Sydney or if I buy them from States. Eventually we didn't end up with hands full shopping bags.

What else I did in Shanghai? Hmm... lets say I had few "dates" with a beautiful lovely girl. Blah blah blah... Skip what we did on the date, after that she went back to The Big Apple (NYC) to continue her study and I got back to Sydney. So I probably like to call it a "summer fling", which I will never forget.

Karaoke bar

台北纯K. Its a really fancy karaoke bar, great service, free WiFi, they even prepared iPhone charger to lend. So I went there with some friends I met on Twitter. It was quite an "interesting" experience. By "interesting" I mean I was required to be topless...

That was it, my 2014 summer in the Northern Hemisphere could not have been happier.