My Interview

I received an interview request from a China-based social fitness app called Hotbody the other day. I am one of their many users atm. They wanna know my “secrets” about how I achieved my body transformation during the past few years. I wouldn’t say my body is HOT, but since I never wrote anything down about my history of bodybuilding so I decided to give it a go. Original interview in Chinese goes here.

QuestionWhen and why did you start workout?

It was early 2012, in February I guess. I came back from Shanghai after my summer vacation and just decided going to uni gym lifting some weights. Few reasons, I was sitting in front of my computer around 12hrs a day while I was major in CS, which caused me tons of back pain; secondly I ended a relationship not awhile ago, and got not much to do.

QuestionHow did you start your workout, any tips?

Frankly, I wasn’t so sure what my goal is at beginning since I know nothing about fitness or bodybuilding. Just wanna pump up some muscles. My body was so skinny back then when I came to Australia, although it seemed just fine in China. I had a few gym gangs at first couple days, soon I’m the only one left. Well at least I was acknowledged by my Aussie mates that I need drink protein shake to gain muscle. Ironically they ended up at Maccas to find protein. Then I turned to Youtube (a site does not exist in Mandarin) to study workout routine and other sorts of things. Trying out new routine was always so excited to me, I was dying to find the prefect routine.

But eventually you will just know it, there’s no such thing called “prefect routine”. The best routine you can find is from your experience and your body response. Which will do the best work on your body. After realising that, my study target is more focusing on the form deatil of each individual exercise.

QuestionHow do you motivite yourself?

I understand the best challenge to a beginner is consistency. It happens on me as well, sometimes your body just don’t wanna move anymore after all day work. But I spot my biggest motivation is from myself. Everytime after weight lifting in the gym, my muscle pumps up well, which makes me look good. Its not like burnning fat that takes you about a month to see a little change, pumping muscle happens right way after your workout. So if you ask me it took me how long to see the change on my body, the answer is EVERYDAY. Its true, as long as you keep hitting the gym 4 or 5 times a week. You will see the difference everyday before and after your workout, and soon you will see it more significantly in a few month or maybe few years.

Right after I finished uni, I almost quit bodybuiling. I had a long holiday during that summer, which caused me lost most of my gaines and also put on a lot holiday weight. I felt so bad, can not motivate myself anymore. Untill one day I came across a public gym not far from my new house. Everything seemed familiar in there, some new equipments get me excited again.

I signed up that gym, and kept my head down start rebuilding my muscle. Not too long, after one and half year I became well-known in that gym because of my hard work and my significant transformation. Some kids even ran to me ask if I ever juiced up. AW HELL NO!

QuestionHow is your diet?

I don’t know how to start, nutrition is a huge topic in bodybuilding. That’s pretty much the main reason why they say “Bodybuilding is a science.” Generally speaking of diet, if you don’t attend to do macro the most important suggetion I can think of is eat a lot veges. Vitamine is very important for helping your body digest protein, and also help to prevent you from getting sick after over-load heavy workout.

Eat carbs! I know lots beginners are afraid of having carbs. But you need it very importantly when you are building muscle. To determine whether you are having it too much, just check your belly. Little bit fat gainning is acceptable as long as you don’t get pregnant.

QuestionWhats your status now?

I had couple months off after attending a natural bodybuilding competation (INBA) last Sep. I just felt like I need a rest mentally and physically, in order to get out from that intense prep lifecycle. After all, doing bodybuilding competation is not my thing. It was more like a once in a lifetime experience to me, accomplishing some childhood dream. Alternatively I prefer this health life style and a nice looking body. The condition prep for the comp is bit too much for me.

QuestionAny thoughts wanna share with our beginner?

After few years bodybuilding, I just wanna say no matter what body shape you have right now or what body shape you think you should have. They all ain’t matter. As long as you are happy about the life you are having now, then its all good. To me, workingout is a part of my life now, I’m not doing it for getting a hot chick or to make you jealous. I’m only doing it for myslef, to make myslef happy. And I think this’s what you should think of as well.