I'm McKay, a #blogger #ex-bodybuilder #coder and an #entrepreneur live in Sydney, Australia Beijing, China. I'm a tough geek with six packs. I write blog and work on my start-up company with ♥. If you wanna meet me in person, I'm a handshakes guy. If you wanna give me a million dollars, a small check would be nice. If you enjoy what I wrote, I'd love to hear from you.


The site 'mckaywei.com' is a personal weblog, where I share my stories and ideas. I have its on since October 2009. The current design is a hand coded one created by myslef. It's completely static - using Jekyll generates every page to static HTML file. It's hosting on AWS, powered by S3, CloudFront, and Route 53. All of the content on this site is made available at no charge. Please do not repost the entire content of any article without asking first.