Stuff I Use

I was kind asked to write an article about my setup at last year. I talked about some of my stuff and gadgets that I'm using and why I picked them. But then I realised that since my gadgets update quite often I need a page to list them. So here is the page, which features an occasionally updated list of few creatively enabling things I own, love and constantly make use of... read more

Thoughts on Next Season

2013 NBA Finals已經順利落幕,首先要祝賀Miami Heat再次奪冠,然後就可以把這個已經過去的賽季拋在腦後了,我已經等不及下個賽季開始了。在下賽季開打之前有點無聊,所以我想寫點我對各隻潛力股下賽季的展望。Where will amazing happen next season... read more

Why Do I Lift Weight?

人們去gym有很多目的,有人為了降壓去跑步,有人為了塑身去做瑜珈,還有的人就像我為了更好的身材去做力量訓練,也就是weight lifting. 我從開始做weight lifting到現在已經有快兩年了,成效還不錯,於是想作為一個每天長時間坐在電腦前的開發人員來分享下力量訓練除了能帶給你好身材之外還能為你的身體帶來什麼益處... read more

Good UI

之前重新設計了博客的界面,對網站User Interface的設計又多了一些想法。於是決定把它們用圖文的形式記錄下來。設計一個好的用戶界面目的是要讓用戶方便使用,但要真的做到這一點並不容易。為了達到這個設計目標我做了一些嘗試... read more

Keep Running

As a runner, my heart go out to you Boston, all the way from Sydney! Today, two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three (include one Chinese girl) and wounding dozens more. I'm wondering why would anybody, or any group of people had the twisted motivation to commit this attack... read more