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It's a shame that I didn't write more often on my blog, didn't realise what a workaholic I could be. It has been a very busy, challenging and grateful year for me, day in day out for work for dream come true. I planed to write this annual summary later next month maybe, to summarise this amazing year after I come back to China. Who knows THE END comes way more faster than I expected...

Business wise I've already left the company (hotbody.cn) I came to China for. I had a good time over there, a bunch of down to earth colleagues I worked with. We build up an APP that is serving for 8 millions of fitness lover in China. I'm proud of what I did over there, teaching 8 millions of people how to workout. Leaving them is a tough decision for me to make, I've learnt operations, marketing, brand building and extra extra. I do believe there's still so much more I can learn from them. But compare to what I'm about to do (not changing the world), I believe it worth it.

Today is November 26, 2015. As normal I come to office at 10AM and had few meetings with my colleagues to hand over my on-going duty. Its time to sign off I told my-self. I didn't couldn't say good-bye to my pals. I walked out the building light up a cig and send out this letter to all of my lovely colleagues.

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火辣健身團隊集體照 | 攝於日本沖繩

To 各位火辣的同学:

今天是感恩節,只想感謝大家一直以來的陪伴。天下無不散宴席,今天要跟大家告別了。跟火辣結緣在去年,在微信上遇到 “特渣” @VT,然後出於自己的興趣,出於對國內互聯網行業、國內健身行業的憧憬,我從土澳回國加入火辣健身的大家庭。


还记得年初的测试期,每天半夜在微信群里跟大伙一起给海外技术团队报bug, 偶尔还通宵写活动页代码,跟 @小灰 通宵剪辑课程视频,一直到现在公司那么多人。一直觉得这是一家有情怀的公司,对市场、对消费者、更是对我们自己员工的情怀驱动着我每天激情的工作。每个人在这个大家庭里,同时是老师又是学生。虽然每个人都叫我麦老师,但我大概是公司里对互联网创业最没概念的人。好在有 @蒋宇 同学收留我,千叮万嘱别给她丢脸才活到现在。不断帮助别人成长,同时也不断被别人帮助成长,这是我在这里看到最多的。

难忘跟 @AK 还有剪辑组小伙伴们每次起大早进棚拍片的日子。课程内容的制定及审核已经全部托付给了A导,我个人因为过往的健美经历,在课程内容的制定上会有很强的主观性导向。相信、同时也期待A导和超骏带来的火辣课程3.0版。

感谢市场部的大家还有 @程妈 @丘陵姐 对麦老师公举病的迁就,会想念土麦老师这样的称呼。麦老师现在又要出去装逼了,不在的时候你们也别给我心爱的蒋一同学添堵哈。




McKay 卫旻锴 CEO

Fita 健康餐 做一份好吃的健康餐

My news is I started a new company called "vie saine" recently and as the CEO in the role. "vie saine" means healthy life in French. What we do is providing quality, tasty and affordable healthy meal for general public instead of only fitness lover. Consumption upgrade and expand is the next big move in China. Due to the lifestyle they having here most of the office worker don't have time or interests to go gym or any other activities to stay in fit. Also as we all know weight control is a life mission to most women. Thats the reason why I aimed this business. I won't go too much detail with you at here, just to let you know I'm all well and still doing something I am passion about.

Oh! Almost forgot, relationship-wise, still no. Had this lovely girl Veronica months ago, too bad didn't last long.