1 To 0

It's been almost a year since I updated my blog last time, it's been a busy year, day in day out for work for dream come true. I planed to write this annual summary later next month maybe, to summarise this amazing year after I come back to China. Who knows THE END comes way more faster than I expected… read more


從沒想過有一天個人博客會沒有留言功能,但看來這一天終於到了。對於大多數博客主來說,評論這一交流形式一直像緊密結合的基因序列一樣,是博客的重要組成部分之一。而我們大多數博客主也都對這種反饋喜聞樂見,不管是正面還是負面的。但現在有很多跡象卻顯示出評論功能的不必要性,或者說,並非不可取代… read more

My Interview

I received an interview request from a China-based social fitness app called Hotbody the other day. I am one of their many users atm. They wanna know my “secrets” about how I achieved my body transformation during the past few years. I wouldn’t say my body is HOT, but since I never wrote anything down about my history of bodybuilding so I decided to give it a go… read more


I found myself fall in love with free diving after my first trying at Great Barrier Reef… read more


草薙素子為何要以女性賽博格 (gynoid) 的形象出現?女性存在的意義為何?什麼是成為女人的必要條件,是女性的性特徵,女性的生殖器,還是一個作為非必要非充分條件的父權制社會的意識形態?當人類全身都可以義體化,無論是心臟,大腦,乃至生殖器官都可以用人造器官替代,女性與男性的界線在哪,或者說還需要被定義?… read more